Selected Publications

Opinion – Hold Influencers And Media Accountable

Game Informer
July 15, 2016

Multiple ‘celebrity’ influencers were discovered to have been running gambling sites and promoting them without disclosure.

Additional Links (July 4, 2016), (July 4, 2016), (July 6, 2016)

UK ‘Brexit’ Vote Likely To Severely Impact Game Industry

Game Informer
June 24, 2016

The UK vote to leave the European Union has impacted the value of the British Pound and will likely lead to substantial legal changes that will impact the video game industry.

Vivendi’s Hostile Takeover Of Gameloft And Ubisoft Explained

Game Informer
June 2, 2016

Just two years after selling off its stake in Activision Blizzard, Vivendi has launched hostile takeovers of two companies owned by the Guillemot family.

The Potential Voice Actor Strike Explained

Game Informer
January 6, 2016

Before SAG-AFTRA initiated a strike against video game publishers, I investigated the reasons why the union was unhappy with the terms of its collective bargaining agreement.

Thinking Of Investing In Psychonauts 2? Here Are Some Things To Know

Game Informer
December 4, 2015

The Fig crowdfunding platform allows average people to invest in indie games, but should they?

Analysis: EA’s Digital Profit Margins Twice That Of Retail Sales (And Why That Matters To Gamers)

Game Informer
November 17, 2015

A financial breakdown of why publishers are so keen on pushing digital delivery.

Faith in Rapture – Ken Levine shares thoughts on creating ethnic diversity
Conflict in Utopia – How relationships are at the heart of Ken Levine’s new game

Game Informer
April 9, 2015

Irrational Games founder Ken Levine discusses the importance of diversity, empathy, and relationships.

The Hidden Humanity Of Wolfenstein: The New Order

Game Informer
May 28, 2014

Hidden within Machine Games’ bloody alternate history take on World War II is a tragic story of resistance and perseverance.

Japanese developer cites Microsoft currency policy as barrier to XBLA development

January 23, 2013


G.Rev CEO Hiroyuki Maruyama opened up about why his company (and other Japanese developers) have a hard time publishing content on Xbox Live Arcade.

THQ Talks Layoffs, Won’t Ship Darksiders II and South Park Until They’re Perfect

April 10, 2012

An interview with Danny Bilson, (former) Executive Vice President of Core Games at THQ.Topics include the delay of Darksiders II, layoffs related to the change in direction for MMO Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium and THQ’s financial troubles that led to a NASDAQ delisting warning.

Brian Fargo Talks Wasteland 2, “Abysmal” Publisher Treatment and Having Fun Again

March 27, 2012

An Interview with inXile Founder and CEO Brian Fargo regarding Wasteland 2 and publisher/developer relationships.

Could Kickstarter Damage Studios’ Relationships with Publishers?

Kotaku (originally published on RipTen)
March 18, 2012

When the Kickstarter movement was new for video game developers, there were a lot of questions about how publishers would feel about the erosion of their power. This “what if” feature explores one possibility.

Halo 4 Review

November 14, 2012

A review of Halo 4 (Microsoft, 343 Industries) for the Xbox 360.

The RipTen Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide

May 31, 2012

Currently boasting over 25 different headset reviews, the RipTen Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide was a new project started in mid-2012. I began this initiative after recognizing that there was no comprehensive way to compare the features of different gaming audio products.Over the time I worked on this project (over six months), I built relationships with many manufacturers, and received anecdotal feedback from a number of readers that the guide helped them make a purchase decision about a gaming headset.

Disconnected for the Holidays – Tabletop Games for Digital Fiends

December 14, 2012

During the holidays, videogamers are often separated from their PCs and consoles. This feature includes a number of tabletop games that can help them get their fix while still being social.

THQ Defaults on $50 Million Line of Credit

November 10, 2012

THQ has suffered a number of financial setbacks over the past 18 months. This piece examines a major piece of news of which investors should be aware.

Mass Layoffs Hit Zynga and Bigpoint

October 23, 2012

Zynga chose to lay off employees quietly and under the cover of another company’s major press event.

We Peered Deep into the Soul of Project Eternity’s Chris Avellone (Interview)

October 4, 2012

Obsidian’s Project Eternity Kickstarter set records for the crowd-funding platform. I had the chance to speak with Chris Avellone about the studio’s success.

Borderlands 2: My Quest for the Chest

September 24, 2012

My hunt for a Borderlands 2 (very) Limited Edition Ultimate Loot Chest was a personal one.

Kickstarter Refines Guidelines on Hardware and Product Design

September 24, 2012

Analysis of the impact of Kickstarter’s revised rules for projects in the hardware and product design categories.

Is OnLive Simply Playing a Corporate Shell Game?

August 19, 2012

OnLive laid off nearly every employee, wiped out shareholder value and lied to the press. Analysis of the company’s attempt to set the record straight and repair its image.

Former Vigil Employee Decries Absence from Darksiders II Credits, THQ/Vigil Respond

August 15, 2012

When THQ released Darksiders II this year, some former employees reacted poorly on social media channels to being left out of the credits.


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