Having a Dragon Ball Ep. 1 – Draggin’ Balls

Posted: December 1, 2016 in Anime, Comics/Manga, Dragon Ball
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And so begins my Dragon Ball watch project. God help me.
Episode 1 – The Secret of the Dragon Balls

Why does Goku have a monkey tail? Why can I see his genitals? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Ok, he lives with his grandfather… who is a ball. He has never seen a girl, but that’s probably a good thing since the first one he meets shoots him multiple times with a gun. He doesn’t die, though. He’s really strong and apparently bulletproof. Need more psychotropics to continue.

So, there are seven dragon balls, and if you get them all, you can make a wish. Bulma, the girl who shot and tried to kill the kid with the monkey tail, wants to wish for a boyfriend. She also offers to let the child see her butt in exchange for his grandpa ball.

Sure. Ok.

The first episode essentially contains no fighting, Goku is a child, Bulma feels a compulsive need to wear her name on her clothing, and a motorcycle explodes out of a capsule. I expected “KAMEHAMEHA!” I got the uncomfortable “WHYISTHISKIDNAKED?!” This bears further exploration, but not in a creepy way.

In this episode, Goku eats: Nothing on screen, though we assume he chows down on the giant fish he caught by dangling his tail in the river.

Notable differences from the manga: In the anime, Goku pees in the river and shouts, “Here comes the waterfall!” That isn’t present in the manga, but the tail fishing and the nudity are. The first anime episode also introduces another group searching for the dragon balls. They aren’t present in the manga yet.


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