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Episode 5 – Yamcha the Desert Bandit

I think we’re making progress. The voice over intro for the episode calls Oolong a “perverse pig.” Given he kidnapped underage girls to wed them, I think we’re inching closer to an accurate description of his character.

Wait. Nevermind. We got a “pat pat” to Oolong’s crotch in under two minutes. Goku, please, watch that terrible sexual harassment video from the 1980s.

When it’s revealed that the trio is off to Fire Mountain, Oolong transforms into a fish and bails out of fear of someone called the Ox King. Goku jumps in after him, but only after stripping, because it’s not Dragon Ball without Goku giving us a crotch shot.

Goku fails to catch the slippery fish-pig, but Bulma decides to lure him in with sure-fire bait: her panties. Yes, I’m still watching this. No, I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Once on shore, the trio begin their trek toward the mountain, though not until after Goku drops his pants and pees in the river. I’m starting to sense a theme.

Oolong tries to slip away again, but finds out the hard way that Bulma slipped him a special pill. Anytime she makes piggy sounds, he feels a sudden and intense need to defecate, proving that the phrase “happy as a pig in shit” just doesn’t work.

The episode pivots quickly to a battle between Goku and Yamcha the Desert Bandit. In case you were wondering, Yamcha is yet another food reference. It’s the Chinese term for dim sum. Sadly for Goku, he doesn’t get to eat. Luckily for us, he does not attempt to eat Yamcha or his feline friend, Puar (a shapeshifter who has bad history with Oolong).

The battle ends in a draw, as Yamcha is scared off by Bulma. Dude has the right idea.

In this episode, Goku eats: A pile of rocks. Not satisfying.

Notable differences from the manga: Goku only shows his crotch once. So… improvement?