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Welcome to “All the news that’s Futt to print” for Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Can’t spend your entire day on Twitter or bouncing from news outlet to news outlet? Fine, I suppose you’re entitled to your “real life” and your “job.” Here’s what you missed today.

Where have I been? Tomb Raider’s island of Yamatai and the SimCity of Neo Futteria. I’m back though, and I’m rarin’ to go.


Ron Gilbert, the genius behind the Monkey Island series and, most recently, The Cavehas parted ways with Tim Schafer’s Double Fine. The complete post (along with a neat map of the titular cave is available on Gilbert’s blog). Fear not, though. He’s currently working on an iOS game entitled Scurvy Scallywags in The Voyage to Discover the Ultimate Sea Shanty: A Musical Match-3 Pirate RPG. He’ll also be the keynote speaker at the inaugural PAX Australia.

Once upon a time, gamers were excited about a film based on Irrational GamesBioshock. It was canceled two years ago, but now (thanks to Edge), we finally know why. The short version is that the budget for the R-rated, blood-soaked film was scaled back because of tepid response to The Watchmen. Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), who was slated to direct wasn’t thrilled about the reduction in resources, and the new director wasn’t a great fit. Rather than face a flop, Ken Levine (creative director and co-founder of Irrational) wisely decided to pull the plug.  

Speaking with The Verge at SXSW, Ouya founder Julie Uhrman has shared that the Android-based console will not support the promised social features when it launches in June. Chat, friends lists and achievements will not be operational when the tiny box arrives at retail. Ouya will be ready support online multiplayer, though.

Rock Paper Shotgun is reporting that, according to their Maxis insider, SimCity doesn’t require the servers to compute anything. This is in stark contrast to what we’ve been hearing from EA and Maxis about the Glassbox engine since E3 of last year (and even as recently as this past week). I would expect EA to comment quickly on this rumor, as even right now their new server status page is unreliable and features (like Cheetah Speed and leaderboards) have yet to be reactivated.

You might think that disabling the fastest speed at which the game can move wouldn’t make an enormous difference in game play, but in the five or six hours I’ve managed to put in, I sorely felt its absence. There are many times, especially early on, where funds are required in order to progress. Staring at a city that doesn’t require much attention isn’t terribly interesting. There’s been no word from Maxis as to when the excised elements might make a return.


I don’t know you, DarthDaddy42, but in a period that has seen the cancellation (rumored or otherwise) of Star Wars properties (Star Wars 1313the animated Clone Wars series and an Xbox Live Arcade title called Star Wars First Assault), you are a reminder that these things can live on in our dreams. Check out this Father of Year’s handiwork (entire gallery here). Yes, the S-Foils do lock into attack position.




Welcome to “All the news that’s Futt to print” for Tuesday, February 26, 2013. Can’t spend your entire day on Twitter or bouncing from news outlet to news outlet? Fine, I suppose you’re entitled to your “real life” and your “job.” Here’s what you missed today.


In an interview with Dutch outlet InsideGamer (translation), Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot opened up about Watch Dogsthe future of the Rainbow Six series and his thoughts on the future of the Vita. One of the most interesting statements made during the conversations is that current-gen work on Watch Dogs has not yet begun. Understandably, the focus is on the PlayStation 4, next Xbox and PC, but it seems that there will be significant porting considerations given the drastic differences in architecture between the PS3 and the PS4. We already know that backwards compatibility is out (even, it seems, for digital-only titles available on the PSN). This is due to the change in processors from Cell to a more common X86 (which will make programming on Sony’s new hardware significantly easier). Those planning to play Watch Dogs on current hardware would do well to keep an eye on development and the studio responsible for getting the title to work on PS3 and Xbox 360. Don’t assume that the only difference will be in the graphics department.

Given the focus on Vita at the PS4 preview, the topic turned to the handheld’s longterm viability. Guillemot indicated that the publisher currently does have Vita games in the works, but unique titles for the system down the road will be largely dependent on hardware sales. On the surface, this seems obvious. However, just underneath the skin is something Sony should be concerned about. This is a major third-party publisher openly equivocating about the stability of the platform. It makes me wonder what’s being said behind closed doors.

Finally, Guillemot was asked about the progress on the next Rainbow Six game (which was first revealed in late 2011). The game is still in the works, which is more news than we’ve had about it in a while, but there is nothing concrete to show off yet. At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the next game in the series appear on the next generation of hardware.

Do you remember when Irrational’s Ken Levine walked out on stage during the E3 2011 with a Vita in his back pocket and talked about a portable Bioshock game? Let me refresh your memory…

Apparently that’s not happening yet, but before you start tweeting angrily at Levine, you should check out the entire interview over at IGN. Irrational works for Take-Two, and they aren’t willing at this point to greenlight the Vita Bioshock. That’s two stories in the past 24 hours with news of publishers expressing significant concern over Sony’s portable. With Irrational at the helm, I would feel comfortable assuring that Bioshock would sell well for a Vita game. The problem is that the install base simply isn’t large enough for publishers to want to take the chance. The worst part is that it isn’t because the hardware is unlikeable. It’s a failure to motivate potential buyers through communication and marketing. Heck, Sony has stooped to practically begging people to purchase one.


I have one, and I love it. I cannot though, in good conscience, recommend that you go out and buy one. If the price drops and the library improves, I’ll be the first person imploring you to add one to your hardware collection. Until then, save your money (and tell your friend that you’ll give him $20 to stop asking).

There’s a big Xbox Live Games on Demand sale going on right now. Each day will see big discounts (today is pretty much everything Halo on the 360), and there are titles that will have their prices slashed until the event ends on March 4, 2013. I picked up El Shaddai for $2.99 and The Darkness for $4.99 today. One thing you should be aware of is that Microsoft hasn’t quite managed to align their point prices with the cash ones. I accidentally overpaid for El Shaddai by double when using points (the difference was refunded thanks to a call to support) and willingly paid an extra 40msp ($.50) when I purchased The Darkness. Unless this gets sorted, plan to pay in cash. Update: Apparently, that whole point thing got sorted out. Visit Major Nelson’s blog each day to find out what’s on offer.

ShackNews noticed today that Blizzard Community Manger “Vaeflare” commented on some of the questions surrounding the upcoming PlayStation release of Diablo III. In short. No, there will be no cross-platform play. There will be no access (so characters will remain sequestered, limited to the platform on which they were created and, because of UI and control changes, keyboard and mouse will not be supported. None of this is really surprising, but it does quash my faint hope that keyboard and mouse support might become more prevalent on consoles next generation as an option.

Kotaku received some promotional material from a tipster for what seems to be the next Assassin’s Creed game. If authentic, the next game will be a fully numbered sequel (unlike the second and third parts of Ezio Auditore’s adventure), and will take place prior to Assassin’s Creed III and star Connor Kenway’s grandfather. Again, if this is true, the game will be entitled Assassin’s Creed IV: Black FlagThis could be a clever attempt to punk Kotaku (and the rest of us), an real leak or a savvy PR trickle to gauge interest. Oh, did I mention that it’s pirate-themed? Head on over to Kotaku to check out the goods for yourself.


Included in the big Games on Demand sale is the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This is available digitally as two different components. The first is Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. The other is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD (a port of the second PSP entry). In honor of that, I present to you an OC ReMix version of the best James Bond theme ever written and performed (trust me on this), Innocent Deception (otherwise known as the theme to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater). This was remixed by Claire Yaxley and DJ Mystix.